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QuadPro Specifications
Measurements Manual Auto High
Range Rs (ohms) 10-3 to 106 10-3 to 106 0-1 to 1010
Accuracy <1% <1% 5X @ > 108
Test Time / Point 10 sec 2 sec Varies
Dual Configuration Method Yes Yes No
Display Resistivity or Thickness Yes Yes Yes


Sample Size 300mm 50-300 mm 50-300 mm
Shape Round or Square Yes Yes Yes
Number of Points Measured 5 - 25 5 - 49 5 - 49
Open Frame or Enclosure Open Frame Enclosure Enclosure
TCR Option 150 mm 200 mm 300 mm
Temperature Range 5°C to 500°C 400°C 300°C


Select min temperautre, max temperature, interval and dwell time, then auto


Temp, Rs, resistivity or thickness
Calculate TCR or Map Rs @ Temperature.


2D and 3D contour maps, save and get results, print results including contour maps, copy to clip board, etc. Retest function.


Type Material Pin Spacing Spring Pressure Tip Diameter
SP4 Delrin 40,50,62.5 mils 45,85,180 grams TC or OSM 1.6, 5 or 10 mils
HT4 Ceramic 50, 62.5 180 grms Same Same

Calibration Substrate wafers available
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