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Manual and Semiautomatic RF Probing Systems & Accessories



  • Powerful Windows Navigation Software
  • Easy Interface to Network Analyzers
  • Cal Substrates Mount on Cal-Chuck
  • Automatic Calibration Routines
  • Full Range of Calibration Substrates
  • Easy Routing of RF Cables
  • Non-Resonant Chuck for measurements below 325 GHz
  • 2" of platen Z travel
  • Local Chamber Option
  • Excellent System Stability / Solid Platen Design


  • N-S-E-W orientations
  • Magnetic, Vacuum, or Mechanical mounting
  • 1" X-Y-Z Movements
  • Captured Bearings - Prevent Accidents
  • Durable / Economical Microwave Probes
  • Economical Microwave Cables
  • 2" of platen Z travel
WaveLink RF Probe Stations


The WL-1160 Probe Station is ideally suited for Wireless and Bluetooth applications, and like all WAVELINK probe stations incorporates independent wafer and calibration chucks, eliminating the tedious realignment step after cal. With 4-Point platen lift and support, 1.5" of platen travel, and non-resonant .5" steel platen, saving money doesn't mean accepting compromises. 6 and 8 inch models are available.

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WL-1160 RF Probe Station


The S-96MW Micropositioner is designed for RF probing. The positioner has one inch movements in all axes and captured cross-roller bearings to prevent accidentally moving the tip if bumped. An integral co-planarity adjustment provides for adjusting G-S-G tip planarity. S-96MW positioners are available with head configurations allowing the microwave head to be introduced from the front, rear, left or right side. The S-96MW is the most stable RF positioner available.

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S-96MW Microwave Micropositioner


Coaxial Probes are designed for low-level signal probing to less than 10fA. The probe's single unit design is especially desirable for the best possible electrical characteristics. The Coaxial Probe is also offered with optional Ground Plane, Kelvin and resister series /parallel configurations.


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SCA-50 Coaxial Probe


Picoprobe offers two probe heads; the model 40 for frequencies of DC to 40GHz and the model 67 for frequencies of DC to 67GHz. Each head has a "K" connector for attaching the signal cable. Spacing between tips may be specified between 50m and 450m. The Picoprobe head uses a flextip technology on the ground lines.

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RF Microwave Probes
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