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SCA-50 Coaxial High-Frequency or Low-Level Signal Probe

Coaxial Probes are designed for low-level signal probing to less than 10fA. The probe's single unit design is especially desirable for the best possible electrical characteristics. The Coaxial Probe is also offered with optional Ground Plane, Kelvin and resister series /parallel configurations. Contact factory for further specifications available for your particular application.


The Probes are constructed of microwave-quality components. The 50 Ohm semi-rigid cable consists of 8 mil tungsten wire forming the inner conductor and probe point, with isolation from the gold plated copper shield being achieved through the utilization a Teflon dielectric. The probe contact protrudes from the shielding by .150" to maintain low-level signal noise to the probe.

The connector is an industry standard SSMC, mounted in a brass mounting shank where it is attached to the coax.


  • Tip Radius: .5μ, .75μ, 1.0μ, 1.5μ, 5μ, 7μ, 10μ, 12.5μ
    Note: Tips sold separately in boxes of 10
  • Leakage: <10fA @ 200ºC
  • Frequency: DC to 500MHz
  • Mounting: .250” stud
SCA-50 Coaxial Probe
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