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S-725 Micropositioner
The S-725 Micropositioner is designed primarily for probing targets that are approximately 0.5 mil (12.7 microns) and larger, with 80 TPI resolution. It is available with a magnetic or vacuum base and in either left or right hand models.

The .5" X .5" scanning area allows positioning on even the largest dies and hybrid circuits. Each axis is spring loaded to prevent backlash, and the control knobs are conveniently placed at the rear of the micropositioner to allow one hand to control all three axes at the same time. The probe mount is electrically isolated from positioner body, and is attached to an integrated cable which terminates in a male pin jack connector.

Three head assemblies are available: The "C" head holds the probe tip holder in a fixed position. The "S" head has small leaf springs to compensate for the expansion often associated with high temperature thermal probing. The "P" head has a pivot assembly which allows the probe tip holder to be quicly positioned in the Z axis, prior to using the fine Z positioning movement for final contact.

The S-725 Micropositioners series have been a favorite in the semiconductor industry since their introduction in 1973. The economical price and high resolution combine to make the S-725 the best value in the analytical probing market.

S-725 Micropositioner
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