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S-750 Joystick Micropositioner
The Signatone S-750 Joystick Micropositioner features a 9:1 motion ratio and a scan area of 0.10" x 0.180". It is available with or without the removable extension rod. The body is made of mold injected Delrin and it is mounted onto a strong magnetic metal base. The S-750 Joystick Micropositioner is capable of rapidly establishing contact with probing targets as small as 1 mil.

The S-750 Joystick Micropositioner was developed specifically for contacting larger area structures (pads). Its small size and simple design make it easy to place multiple probes down on one device when platen space is limited. A large X-Y scanning area is augmented by the adjustable "Z" movement of the probe. The spring probe clamp is electrically isolated from the positioner body, and is connected to an 18" wire termination with a male pin jack connector installed.

A joystick extension (S-750-1) can be supplied for greater accuracy of motion. The extension joystick slips over the top of the smaller standard joystick, and a single extension joystick can accommodate any number of positioners.

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