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Mitutoyo FS70 Ergonomic High Power Microscope


  • Erect Image Trinocular (50/50,100/100), Erect Image Tilting Trinocular (50/50)
  • Mitutoyo Infinity Corrected Optics
  • Siedentopf Design Trinocular Body Tube
  • Widefield (FN=24) 10x Eyepieces
  • Three Main Body Types
    • FS70Z - Main Body (Non-Laser) with 1X-2X Zoom Magnification Changer
    • FS70L - Main Body 1X for Three YAG Laser Wave lengths 1064/532/355nm*
    • FS70L4 - Main Body 1X for Two Wave Length Ranges 532/266nm*
  • Brightfield Objective Magnification Selections from 1X to 200X
  • Extra Long Working Distance Plan Apochromat Objectives
  • Laser Cutting Objectives
  • Long Working Distance Plan Objectives for IR, NIR, UV and NUV applications
  • Differential Interference Contrast (DIC) Option for Nonlaser Configurations
  • Reverse 4X Nosepiece
  • Optional Motorized 4X Centerable Nosepiece
  • Six foot Cable Remote Intensity Control for Fiber Optic Illuminator
  • Concentric Coarse and Fine Focus –0.1mm Rev /Fine Focus
  • Manual Focus Block or Optional Motorized Focus Block
  • Probe Station Ready with Choice of Focusing Blocks
  • Download FS70 Series Microscopes Information
Mitutoyo FS70 Ergonomic
High Power Microscope
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